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How does it work?


If you own or run a health related business — you can honestly, inexpensively and quickly gain positive exposure, advertising, and new business in spite of the financial and economic crisis we’re dealing with today. How? By using the strategy of "joint venture" marketing to team up with restaurants to market healthy eating.

Offer restaurants assistance in marketing healthy offerings to the weight and health-conscious and at the same time gaining the preeminence and exposure of being the sponsor of their healthy eating program.

At a minimum, you get:

  • Rack cards in the restaurant with your ad on them as sponsor of the program.
  • Window stickers (“FitMenu Healthy Dining”) with a “sponsored by (your business name)" on or near the entranceway to each sponsored restaurant.
  • Press releases sent to local media announcing the program, your affiliation with FitMenu and the restaurants
  • Ad on the web page of every sponsored restaurant on
  • A unique sponsor “landing page” on with the sponsor ad and list of sponsored restaurants (see for an example)
  • An introductory meeting set up to meet the restaurant staff to become acquainted with them as their sponsor (great for networking & referrals)
  • Heavy promotion through our social media program on twitter (12,000 followers) and facebook 

Plus, there are many other opportunities for joint promotion with your sponsored restaurants that promote you and your business as an advocate of good health in your community.

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