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IDEA Article Oct 09
About FitMenu
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How Good Can Healthy Taste?


 About FitMenu


The Vision

With what we now know, we can live longer, healthier, more vigorous lives. So why don't we all look and feel our best? It is not a lack of knowledge. I believe the obstacle is the habits of our society that pull us in the other direction. Modern conveniences make life easier so our bodies can get sedentary if we aren't careful to have a structured schedule of exercise. And, especially when we eat out, our food choices are often made with little thought to living lean and fit.

So, we create counter-balances to the temptations we all deal with to manage our health.

My vision of FitMenu is for it to be your counter-balance to the nutritional challenges of eating in restaurants. My 20-something years in personal fitness, fitness management, and now, fitness software, have shown me that results come when the path to health and fitness is made easier.

It works because it makes it easier to eat healthy while dining out. It is a streamlined path to healthy dining choices.

So far, the restaurants' response has been extremely positive, with many of the chefs happily creating new dishes to meet the criteria of our FitMenu plan. The feedback from the diners has been similarly encouraging. They now feel they can eat out frequently and still maintain a balance between eating for enjoyment and eating for health.

With the benefits of sponsorship now available to similarly aligned businesses and health practices throughout the USA, the program is also easy for restaurants to get involved in. The restaurant gets the benefit of the exposure to health-minded diners and the sponsor gets the exposure to the restaurant's customers. Everybody wins. I aim for FitMenu to rapidly be available everywhere.

Chris McNeil